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The Self Centre is currently offering in person as well as online psychology services to support you now and into the future.

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At The Self Centre North Shore Psychology practice we believe it is our job to help people develop good emotional and psychological health and wellbeing. As such, we offer a space that is warm, welcoming, therapeutic, and confidential for people to be accompanied in their process of healing, supporting and connecting with their self.

Lyndsay Babcock is the Founding Director of The Self Centre North Shore Psychology practice. Lyndsay opened The Self Centre because she believes we all deserve to live more connected, authentic, and values-based lives. As a result, she has built a strong team of highly trained Psychologists who also have this view, and together they work to help people live more meaningful lives.

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The Benefits of Sleeping Well

The Benefits of Sleeping Well

“If only I could sleep all night!”   Anyone who has had disrupted sleep knows the power of a good night sleep. However, for those who struggle nightly the consequences are quite huge.  We can become so used to broken sleep that we don’t even realise the impact it...

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Top Tips for Self Care

Top Tips for Self Care

In times of change and transition, we are more prone to feeling the symptoms of stress. All the more reason to take good care of yourself when you are going through times of change, and COVID-19 has certainly brought about change for us all. Here are our top 5 tips…

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Active Self Compassion – what is it?

Active Self Compassion – what is it?

Every year there is a new pop-psychology catch-phrase that takes the world by storm.  A few years ago it was ‘mindfulness’, then ‘wellness’, and now it seems to be ‘self-care’. In many ways I love that we are building these words into our language and everyday living,...

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Referrals are not required to see our Psychologists. However, with a GP referral you will be eligible to a rebate from Medicare for up to 10 sessions in one calendar year.  (

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