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What is a Psychologist?

Psychologists are highly trained specialists who work with people behaviourally, cognitively and emotionally.  Psychologist are regulated by a code of ethics and must meet very specific criteria in order to maintain their registration.

All Psychologist have a minimum of 6 years of training in order to meet the criteria for registration as a Psychologist with AHPRA.

How much will my sessions cost?

At ‘The Self Centre’ we charge slightly less than the recommend rate for Psychology Services as outlined by the APS.  For more details please get in touch, we are happy to answer questions (0403 215 118 or enquiries@selfcentre.com.au)

Can I claim Medicare Rebates?

Yes, if you are referred to a psychologist by your GP with a mental health care plan (MHCP) you can claim a rebate from Medicare for up to 10 sessions in a calendar year. Medicare rebates are available to individuals who have been assessed and referred by their GP under the Better Access to Mental Health Scheme.  A review by your GP is required following the first 6 sessions.

https://www.psychology.org.au/Assets/Files/2013-Medicare-fact-sheet-mental-health-rebates.pdf or https://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/mental-ba-fact-pat  

Can I claim Private Health Fund Rebates?

Our psychologists are registered with most of the major Health Funds to enable rebates for our clients.  However, each Private Health Fund offers different rebates depending on the coverage.  It’s best to check with your fund directly to see what your policy entitles you to. https://www.psychology.org.au/for-the-public/about-psychology/what-it-costs/Health-insurance-rebated-services

Are online or Telehealth options available?
ONLINE, TELEHEALTH, & FACE TO FACE sessions currently available with every psychologist at The Self Centre.
Research shows that online and tele-health therapy is as effective as in person therapy is when offered by Psychologists.  All psychologists at The Self Centre are experienced working online and in person.  Sometimes working online helps people to find time to meet with their psychologist, and makes seeing a psychologist easier.  While other times people say they prefer to be in the room with their psychologist.  There is no ‘right’ way to do therapy, we aim to meet you where you are at.
To make an appointment or enquire about our services please feel free to call 0403 215 118 or email enquiries@selfcentre.com.au with any further questions.
How do I book an appointment?

Booking an appointment is easy. Please call or email The Self Centre St Leonards on 0403 215 118 or enquiries@selfcentre.com.au to make a booking with our friendly team. 

Every new enquiry will be offered a FREE 15 minute phone consultation with Director and Principal Psychologist Lyndsay Babcock to help determine a good fit between you and your psychologist.  If you prefer to book straight in and, you will be offered the first available time with the psychologist of your choice.

Do I need a referral from my GP?
No, anyone can see a Psychologist for any reason, you do not need a referral.  (However if you would like to claim with Medicare you will need a valid GP referral.)
To make a booking or enquiry please call or email: 0403 215 118 / enquiries@selfcentre.com.au 
How long does the first session last?

In most circumstances each session lasts 50 minutes.  Occasionally, it is useful to have extra time and sometimes 1.5 hours is offered.  However these extended times are agreed upon in the session prior.

I was referred to another Psychologist. Can I see you instead?
Yes of course, you are free to see any psychologist of your choice.  It is important that you and your Psychologist are a good fit. If you have been referred for psychological services by your GP and they have lodged a Mental Health Care Plan, then you are entitled rebate for up to 10 sessions in each calendar year with any Medicare registered psychologist.  All psychologists at the Self Centre are registered with Medicare.
You will be required to have a review of your mental health care plan following 6 sessions with your psychologist. 

Please feel free to call 0403 215 118 or email enquiries@selfcentre.com.au with any further questions. 

We do our very best to reply promptly to all enquiries.

(Note: The Self Centre is not an emergency treatment facility.  If you are in an emergency, please call 000 or visit your local emergency department.)