Supporting Teenagers – Resources to help support your teenager towards good mental health

Aug 20, 2021

By Lyndsay Babcock
Principal Psychologist
Director The Self Centre

Our ‘tweens’ & teens are struggling!

Reports of stress, distress and mental health concerns are on the rise, and COVID has compounded an already complex and difficult landscape for this population. Parents are asking for ways they can support their teens mental health, and build healthy resilience and good health.

We have put together some resources for teens and their families in effort to help them have support and offer opportunities for increased resilience and interventions.

Drug & Alcohol:

Positive Choices Drug & Alcohol Education – online resource for teens and their families



Online Safety:

E-Safety Commissioner – offering online safety to parents and caregivers


Dr Kirsty Goodwin – Digital wellbeing researcher who integrates her knowledge of neuroscience and online wellbeing and delivers it in an easy-to-understand way.



Mental health and Resilience training:

Moodgym – Interactive self-help for depression


Brave program – online anxiety program for kids & teens


Bite Back – Black Dog Inst. online mental health & resilience program for teens



Dan Siegel – “Brainstorm” – understanding Teenage Neuropsychology

Maggie Dent – “From Boys to Men” – helping boys develop into ‘good’ men

Kasey Edwards And Dr Christopher Scanlon – “Raising Girls Who Like Themselves” – evidence based advice to help girls thrive.

If you our your teen need support from a Psychologist please call The Self Centre 0403 215 118.  We offer interventions for teens and support for parents.