Coping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Jul 7, 2022

There has been so much change in recent years, and it reminds me that change is the only real constant. Recently at The Self Centre, we have been supporting clients going through a range of changes. Some of these changes included job losses, new careers, starting a business, being in a new relationship, your child starting school, marriage breakdown and financial changes and stress.

What I have noticed is that no matter how many times you have experienced change in your life, it can be unsettling or even scary when you are suddenly outside your comfort zone again. Even if you have chosen the change and are living according to your values, it still takes some getting used to. While coping with change and transitions helps build your long-term resilience, what can you do right now to help you navigate the waves of change?

Coping Outside Your Comfort Zone

1. Stay Anchored

When there is a lot of change, it’s good to stay connected to those steady, stable aspects of your life, that can act as anchors during this time. Your anchors might be family members or friends who are a stable positive influence in your life. For some of you the daily routine of buying a coffee, checking emails, or walking the dog are your anchors. When everything else is up in the air and unsettled, these behaviours help keep you grounded.

2. Manage Your Stress

All changes, even positive ones, create stress. Your mind may be more active, you may find your sleep is disrupted, your appetite is changed and you feel like you are running on adrenalin. Doing the activities you know help you to relax, like yoga, exercise, reading, social activities, art or being in nature are even more important when you are coping outside your comfort zone. A stressed brain doesn’t cope well with novelty, so you will think more clearly if you give yourself the time and space to relax.

3. Get Emotional Support 

Sometimes it’s hard to get the emotional support you need during periods of change because many of your loved ones are going through the same changes or are unable to be completely objective. It can be really unhelpful to have other people offering their opinions when you are trying to find your own inner clarity. That’s when talking to a professional psychologist can be very helpful in supporting you to navigate outside your comfort zone. As psychologists, we offer a non-judgemental space for your to explore your concerns and develop the skills of resilience and wellbeing.

If you are outside your personal comfort zone right now and need some support, then The Self Centre is here to help you.  Contact our office on 0403 215 118 for a free phone assessment to see how we can support you in navigating your current changes.

Written by Victoria Kasunic for Lyndsay Babcock Psychology 2016.