But I’ve already tried everything …

May 2, 2021

By Satty Singh Consulting Psychologist & Clinical Registrar

 Sometimes it is hard to seek help, especially when we feel like we have tried everything and ‘nothing has worked’

This is one of the most common things I have seen in private practice to date.

People often come in to see me feeling exhausted and defeated by their efforts ‘not working’. People say they feel as though nothing they do will work better nor anything that I may suggest will be helpful.

It’s hard to accept help or even trust that the person across from you can give you valuable suggestions and support. But the very fact that You have tried so extremely hard to feel better is something that should be celebrated.

In situations like this, one of our roles as a Psychologist is to remind you that it is not how much you do or how many things you try. It is all about using the techniques you learn effectively.

For example, controlled breathing exercises are aimed at reducing the heart rate. When used properly, any form of controlled breathing may have an effect on reducing heart rate.

Here are some ways that we suggest to optimise this technique.

1. Firstly, make your mind clear before starting this exercise.

2. Secondly, make sure when you breathe the air goes down into your belly as opposed to your chest.

3. Finally, focus on lengthening your out breath and making it longer than your in breath.