Larissa, can you tell us a bit about your life at The Self Centre?

I work at The Self Centre which is a wonderfully calm and welcoming practice. I generally start my day by turning on calm music on and lighting up the candles. A coffee is must, so that is definitely the next thing on the list. I normally review all my clients for the day and revisit and refine my session plans that I had created. My client list for the day varies from week to week, so no week is ever the same. I do make sure that I go for a stroll during the day and of course Earl Grey tea in the afternoon. Before I see clients, I practice for a few minutes mindful meditation. This I find enables me to be centered, grounded and fully present with my clients.

What was your motivation for becoming a Psychologist?

I have always wanted to work in an area that directly helped others and understood. I was fortunate enough as a child growing up to have a mother who is also a psychologist. I was able to experience the benefits of having a safe and confidential space to be heard that enabled me to talk through problems, gain insights and develop and grow. If I think back,  I intuitively knew that that I always wanted to become a Psychologist.

Who do you love working with the most?

I enjoy working with young people, adults and couples.

I can truly say that I feel incredibly fortunate to walk alongside my clients. I love being part of a person’s journey into self-discovery and witnessing my clients manifesting their own dreams and visions for the future.

How do you stay mentally and physically healthy?

My goal is to live in balance.  I do as a habit adopt healthy eating habits, and exercise regularly, however I do give myself permission to breaks these habits now and then. I really believe that sleep is vital for good health and mental wellbeing and also spending time in the company of great people. I love a good laugh, and wherever possible seek humor.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

As a mother of three boys, I am always mindful that you can’t take care of anyone unless you are taking good care of yourself. I also believe that children and adolescents observe how their parents live and that adults can be role models. I also believe that this can provide coaching opportunities to teach children and adolescents that prioritising one’s self-care is not a luxury but a necessity.

My self-care includes lots of things such as jogging, walking with friends followed by coffee/lunch, Orange Theory workouts, Epson salt bath, massages, glass of wine with friends or loved ones, mindful meditation, listening to the sounds of nature, spending lots of time with my ginger cat Kiki Mittens, dinner with friends, movies,  reading, meditation, manicure/pedicure, bike riding with children, spending time in nature and sometimes simply sitting in silence.